Best AI Tools for Creatives: Graphic Design, Video Editing, and Music Production

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing the creative landscape, offering powerful tools that can streamline workflows, enhance creativity, and unlock new possibilities. Whether you’re a graphic designer, video editor, or music producer, there’s an AI tool out there that can help you take your work to the next level. This article will explore some of the best AI tools available for creatives in various disciplines.

Best AI Tools for Graphic Design

1. Adobe Sensei

Adobe Sensei is a powerful AI and machine learning platform that’s integrated into Adobe’s suite of creative apps, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Some of its notable features for graphic designers include:

  • Image Recognition and Tagging: Sensei can automatically analyze and tag images, making it easier to organize and search your asset library.
  • Content-Aware Fill: Intelligently removes unwanted objects from images and seamlessly fills in the background.
  • Font Recognition: Identify fonts in images, even those that are stylized or distorted.
  • Automated Design Variations: Generate multiple design options based on your initial design, saving time and effort.

2. Canva

Canva, a popular online design platform, has incorporated several AI-powered features to make graphic design more accessible and efficient:

  • Magic Resize: Resize your designs for different social media platforms or print sizes while maintaining their integrity.
  • Background Remover: Effortlessly remove backgrounds from images, leaving you with a clean subject.
  • Design Suggestions: Canva provides design suggestions based on your content, ensuring visually appealing compositions.
  • Brand Kit: Upload your brand assets (logo, colors, fonts), and Canva will suggest designs that align with your brand identity.
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3. offers a suite of AI-powered tools specifically designed for graphic design needs:

  • Logo Maker: Generate unique and professional logo concepts based on your industry and preferences.
  • Video Maker: Create engaging video content using customizable templates and AI-powered editing tools.
  • Mockup Generator: Easily showcase your designs on realistic product mockups, from t-shirts to phone cases.
  • Speech Maker: Convert text to natural-sounding voiceovers for videos, presentations, and more.

Best AI Tools for Video Editing

1. Adobe Premiere Pro (with Sensei)

Adobe Premiere Pro, a leading video editing software, leverages the power of Adobe Sensei for advanced video editing features:

  • Auto Reframe: Automatically adjust the aspect ratio of your videos for different platforms, ensuring key elements stay in frame.
  • Color Match: Quickly match the color grading of different clips in your timeline, creating a consistent look and feel.
  • Scene Edit Detection: Automatically detect scene changes in your footage, simplifying the editing process.
  • Audio Cleanup: Reduce background noise, remove hums, and improve audio clarity with AI-powered audio enhancement tools.

2. Magisto

Magisto is an AI-powered video editing app designed for creating professional-looking videos easily:

  • Smart Storyboard: Analyze your footage and automatically create a compelling video narrative, complete with music and transitions.
  • Automatic Video Generation: Create videos from still images and video clips, with AI handling the editing and transitions.
  • Branded Templates: Access a library of professionally designed templates to maintain brand consistency.
  • Social Media Optimization: Easily share your videos on various social media platforms in optimized formats.

3. Runway ML

Runway ML provides a suite of creative AI tools, including innovative video editing capabilities:

  • Green Screen: Remove backgrounds from videos without the need for a physical green screen.
  • Style Transfer: Apply the artistic style of famous paintings or images to your videos.
  • Object Removal: Seamlessly remove unwanted objects from your videos, leaving a clean and polished result.
  • Custom AI Models: For advanced users, Runway ML allows you to train your own AI models for specific video editing tasks.
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Best AI Tools for Music Production


LANDR offers a range of AI-powered tools for musicians, including:

  • Mastering: Automatically master your tracks to achieve professional-quality loudness and clarity.
  • Distribution: Distribute your music to major streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music directly from LANDR.
  • Collaboration Tools: Share your projects with collaborators and receive feedback within the platform.
  • Samples and Plugins: Access a library of royalty-free samples and use AI-powered plugins to enhance your productions.

2. AIVA (Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist)

AIVA is an AI-powered music composer that can create original music in various styles:

  • Customizable Music: Specify the mood, genre, and instruments you want, and AIVA will generate unique compositions.
  • Royalty-Free Music: Use AIVA-generated music in your projects without worrying about copyright issues.
  • Adaptive Music: Create dynamic music for video games or other interactive media that responds to real-time events.
  • Inspiration and Ideas: Use AIVA as a starting point for your own compositions or to overcome writer’s block.

3. Jukebox (OpenAI)

Jukebox is a research project from OpenAI that explores AI-generated music. While not a commercial product, it demonstrates the potential of AI in music production:

  • Generate Music in Different Styles: Jukebox can create music that mimics the style of specific artists or genres.
  • Lyrics Generation: In some cases, Jukebox can even generate lyrics that are surprisingly coherent and contextually relevant to the music.
  • Long-Form Music: Unlike some AI music generators, Jukebox can create complete songs with verses, choruses, and bridges.
  • Ongoing Research: OpenAI continues to develop Jukebox, pushing the boundaries of AI-generated music.
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AI tools are transforming the creative industries, offering powerful features that can streamline workflows, enhance creativity, and unlock new possibilities. Whether you’re a graphic designer looking to automate tasks, a video editor seeking advanced editing capabilities, or a musician exploring AI-generated music, there’s an AI tool out there that can help you take your work to the next level. Embrace the power of AI and unlock your full creative potential.

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